Q1 Is TTC Spa School Accredited?

Yes TTC Spa School has been Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.


Q2 Can the teachers speak English?

All classes are teached in English.The school provides study materials in English containing step by step procedures for all modalities with pictures.

TTC is an international school. Thai students are quite few.


Q3 How many students do you receive for each course?

There are differences in the students depending on the season.

About 2 to 6 people in the rainy season (May – October) of the off season.

It is popular from November to April, and it will be a class of about 4 to 10 students.



Q4 When using accommodation What is included in the price?
The total course fee includes tuition fee, course materials, Accommodation, Lunch and breakfast, There is a free flow of tea, coffee and water for students all the time. Pick up service on the first day and last day. School also provides study materials and everything related to the massage courses.

We also offer washing machines, bicycles, kitchens, water and coffee in the accommodation.


Q5 From Chiang Mai airport, how can I go to the school?

We offer a pick up service from Chiang Mai Airport. The details are sent after reservation.


Q6 Apart from Air service what are the other modes of transport reach Chiang Mai?
There is an International Airport in Chiang Mai and besides large number of budget Airlines connecting Chiang Mai with the rest of Thailand, there is a regular Train and Bus service. If you are coming from Bangkok the main Train station is at Hua Lampong and the main Bus terminus is at Mo Chit.


Q7 I would like to study Therapist Training Course, would I have to start with Thai Traditional Massage?
Therapist training consists of five different (minor) courses which are separate individual courses to form the “Therapist training course”. It takes 24 days (excluding Sundays) to complete, so you can start with any one of the five Courses mentioned below and the rest to follow after that
1.Thai traditional massage course 9 days
2.Lymph massage course 4 days
3.Oil massage course and Body scrub course 6 days
4.Foot reflexology course 3 days
5.Facial massage course 2 days


Q8 What should I carry with me? Can I use electrical appliances from my country?
School requests you to bring
• 2 Photos of 3×4 cm.
• Passport.
School also provides the following things free of charge.
• Towels and napkins (which are changed every day).
• Toilet accessories such as shower gels and shampoos
• PC with internet facility.
• Hair drier
Students bringing their Notebooks, battery chargers etc should be aware that the Electrical Voltage in Thailand is 220V. School also has a free Wi-Fi service.


Q9 What kind of clothes should I bring along with me?
For Massage Classes always try to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes. If you need one, School can provide them for you upon request with charge of 30 Baht / day.