Q1 What is the difference between Single A, Single B&C, Single C and Dormitory room?
Single A rooms are made up of natural Teak wood and overall ambience of the room is very ethnic and traditional. Single B rooms are made of artificial wood and we have tried our best to keep the ambience as natural and pleasant as possible. While Single C and Dormitory rooms gives you a very modern feel.


Q2 Apart from Air service what are the other modes of transport reach Chiang Mai?
There is an International Airport in Chiang Mai and besides large number of budget Airlines connecting Chiang Mai with the rest of Thailand, there is a regular Train and Bus service. If you are coming from Bangkok the main Train station is at Hua Lampong and the main Bus terminus is at Mo Chit..Our booking service is very ecnomical.


Q3 I would like to study Therapist Training Course, would I have to start with Thai Traditional Massage?
Therapist Training consists of six different (minor) courses which are separate individual Courses to form the ‘Therapist Training Course’. It takes 24 days (excluding Sundays) to complete, so you can start with any one of the six Course mentioned below and the rest to follow after that
1.Thai Traditional Massage Course 9 days (includes Herbal massage course)
2.Lymph Massage Course 3 days (includes Meditaion Course 1 hour every day)
3.Oil Massage Course and body Scrub Course 6 days
4.Foot Reflexology Course 4 days (includes Meditation Course 1 hour every day)
5.Facial Massage Course 2 days
Therapist Training course complimentary Baboo rafting and elephant riding


Q4 I cannot understand Thai would it be a problem?
All the Classes are in English so Students will not have any problem in understanding. The School provides Study materials in English containing step by step procedures for all modalities with pictures.


Q5 What should I carry with me? Can I use electrical appliances from my country?
School requests you to bring
• 3 Photos of 3×4 cm.
• Passport.
School also provides the following things free of charge.
• Towels and napkins (which are changed every day).
• Toilet accessories such as shower gels and shampoos
• PC with internet facility.
• Hair drier
Students bringing their Notebooks, battery chargers etc should be aware that the Electrical Voltage in Thailand is 240V. School also has a free Wi-Fi service.


Q6 What does the total Course fee includes?
The total Course fee includes Tuition fee, Course materials, Accommodation, Lunch and Breakfast. There is a free flow of Tea, Coffee and Water for Students all the time. School also provides study materials and everything related to the massage courses.


Q7 What kind of clothes should I bring along with me?
For Massage Classes always try to wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes. School provides special uniform for the Massage Classes. Charges are 10 Baht/day.


Q8 What is the best way to come to Chiang Mai if I’m coming from Bangkok?
The best and fast way we can suggest is by air. A budget airline by the name of Air Asia has around 6 daily return flights from Bangkok, their service is fairly good and fares are very cheap. The website is www.airasia.com. Apart from this there are other low cost carriers such as Nok air, One-Two-Go and Bangkok air.


Q9 What is the Course outline. I do not have any basic knowledge about Massage will it be difficult for me?
All the Courses start from basic level. Along with theory (Text books containing step by step modalities with pictures) Students do a hands on practical training. After being shown by Teacher a Student performs and practices the same modality on a live model.


Q10 Is TTC Spa School Accredited?
Yes TTC Spa School has been Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Thailand.