Activities Around Massage School

Many tourists come to visit beautiful Temples, Night Bazaar and enjoy lot of activities such as Mountain Trip, Trekking, Elephant Riding and Bamboo River rafting. In a City Tour, recommended places to visit are the silverware and nielloware villages on Wualai Road and Nantharam Road.

Wat Chiangman which is Chiang Mai’s oldest wat is famous for its ancient precious Buddha image ‘PhraKaeoKhao’. Wat ‘Phra Sing’ which houses the North’s most revered Buddhist statue ‘Phra Sing’., Wat U-Mong; Wat Ku Tao; etc. The best way to appreciate the old Lanna way of life is to wander round the delightful back lanes of Chiang Mai’s old town.

Within the moat lies a forgotten world of old teak houses, narrow lanes, traditional shop houses and hidden temples. Make an early start to beat the heat and wander aimlessly, observing the sleepy old Chiang Mai lifestyle through a camera lens. Fortunately, much of it remains well preserved and untainted by commercial development. Bicycle is another way to appreciate this city, and finding a place to hire a bicycle isn’t difficult in the city centre. The more adventurous may prefer to hire a mountain bike and tackle some of the superb trails on Doi Suithep – a mountain to the west of the city.

Doi Suthep Route, a tour along this route begins with a visit to the Chiang Mai National Museum, then to Ladda Land, which consists of a wide area of native flowers of Asia and a native entertainment pavillion, the Tribal Research Centre, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Zoo and the Monument of Khru Ba Siwichai, a most reverend monk who constructed the way to Wat Phra That on Doi Suthep.

Then visitors follow the zigzag road up the mountain to Wat Phra That, a magnificent Buddhist temple standing on the top of Doi Suthep., where the Buddha’s relics are enshrined. From here visitors can have a fine view of Chiang Mai city and the surrounding countryside. Six kilometers from Wat Phra That further up the mountain stands the Royal Winter Palace (Bhubing Palace) which is beautified with plenty of colourful, exotic flowers. Then the tour ends with a visit to the Tribal Village at Doi Pui, about half an hour’s drive from Bhubing Palace.

Near the school, there is a well known village called Ban Thawai which is very famous for Asian Style wooden handicrafts and furniture.

You can head to Mae Rim-Samerng, exit from highway 107 Sai Nam Phueng Orchid and Butterfly Farm. This is the largest orchid farm in Chiang Mai located some 22 kilometers from town. From highway 107 you should proceed along the Mae Rim-Samerng road for two kilometers and turn left for another kilometer. Apart from its large collection of orchids, Sai Nam Phueng farm has a collection of Siamese cats, a butterfly farm and several kinds of animals, making it a very interesting place to visit.

Handicrafts are an important livelihood for the people of Northern Thailand. If you are a keen follower of woodcarving items and furniture then head south to Ban Tawai – the famous place to find all these items which is a walk away from the School. The Sunday market along Rachadamnoen Street and Tapae Gate is a shopper’s paradise.

People who like to collect antique furniture would find the place to be of great interest as there is lot of collectible items for sale all the year round. You can also visit the border town with Myanmar called Mai Sai, it takes around 3 hrs by road and offers a wide variety of uncut and finished precious and semi-precious gemstones. Do not forget to bargain to get a better deal!!!

It is true to say then that among tourists the most famous place would easily be the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. It offers a wide variety of shops selling gift items, jewelry, clothes handicrafts etc. The whole place is full of restaurants and pubs which easily makes it the most happening place of the town.

Chiang Mai has a magnetism attached to it which brings many tourists again and again year after year. The simplicity and easy going manner of Chiang Mai people makes it even more attractive place to visit, and visitors experience this from the very first day their arrival. To add to that cabs, tuk-tuks and shuttle buses are available in every nook and corner of the town, this makes commuting very convenient.